Mary Flowerchild

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Art by Hyung Tae Kim
Name: Mary "Doomhammer" Flowerchild
Player: Scott
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Class: Sorcerer
Level: 1
Experience Points: 828
Hit Points: 6
Spell Points: 22
Luck: +1
Strength: 11  dmg adj: +0, wgt all: 40, max press: 115
Dexterity: 12  react adj: +0, hit prob: +0, def adj: +0
Constitution: 15  hp adj: +1
Intelligence: 16  sp/lvl: +2
Wisdom: mag def bonus: -2, sp/lvl: -
Charisma: 10  react adj: +0



Proficiency B/E/M Level AT adj
Dagger B 1 None


Proficiency B/E/M Level AC adj
Leather B 1 None


Proficiency B/E/M Level
Air B 1
Earth B 1
Fire B 1
Water B 1


Proficiency B/E/M Level Skill
Identify Items B 1 +1 adj
Merchant B 1 10%



Spell Cost Speed Duration Range Effect
Stun 1 1 1 round 25yds Resisted with Luck roll. Opponent -4 to hit&dmg, loses half of attacks
Magic Arrow 2 4 Instant 120yds 1d6+2 magic damage, to-hit roll (no adj), no Luck roll


Spell Cost Speed Duration Range Effect
Torch Light 1 1 1 hr 20ft radius Creates illumination
Flame Arrow 2 4 Instant 120yds 1d8 fire damage, to-hit roll (no adj), need arrow/bolt to cast
Fire Bolt 4 7 Instant 30yds 1d4 fire damage, auto hit, no Luck roll


Spell Cost Speed Duration Range Effect
Awaken 1 1 Instant 10ft Wake allies or remove magic asleep if done within 3 mins of affect
Cold Beam 2 4 Instant 60ft 1d4+2 cold damage, auto hit
Poison Spray 4 7 Instant 35yds One stream, 2+1d2 poison dmg. Successful Luck roll makes stream miss



Weapon Speed AT adj Att/Rnd Damage Weight Range
Blood Dagger 2 no adj 1 d4+1 1/2 -


Armor Class: 13

Armor Speed Weight AC Bonus
Studded Leather 5 25 +3


2 Blue potions (restores 10 SP)
Fine ring
Wand of Cold Beam (6 charges)
Quiver: 14 bolts