Low Stance Counterthrow

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Cost: 3 motes
Duration: Instant
Type: Reflexive
Min. Martial Arts: 4
Min. Essence: 2
Prereqs: Feline Grace Meditation

From the Low Stance (one of the two stances most often associated with Leopard style), the character becomes capable of catching any limb extended in attack and using it to throw or hold his opponent. The character may immediately make a clinch or throw attack in response to any hand-to-hand attack directed against him. The roll for this counterattack is made after the roll for the incoming attack and any applicable defenses, but before damage is determined. Determine the difference (D) in successes between the incoming attack and the counterattack (thrown counterattacks still subtract 1 success, as usual). If the counterattack scores more successes, then the incoming attack misses completely and the counterattack is resolved as if it had scored D successes. If the incoming attack scores more successes, it is resolved as if it had scored D successes. The counterattack still succeeds (though extra successes are ignored) but, if a throw, the initial attacker gains D dice on the test to avoid knockdown or, if the counterattack was a clinch, gains D dice on his next attempt to control the clinch. Only one counterattack can be made against each incoming attack. This charm may not be used against another counterattack.

Example: Guen faces two foes, a mortal and a dragon-blooded. The mortal attacks first. Guen has a single dodge action left, but decides to activates this charm instead, trying to throw the mortal to the side. The mortal attack rolled 3 successes. Guen's counterattack goes well, rolling 9 successes (one of which is eaten by virtue of this being a thrown attack, leaving a total of 8). The incoming attack misses completely, and the mortal is thrown as if Guen scored 5 successes (D = (9-1) - 3) = 5). The dragon-blooded attacks next, doing a huge attack buffed with charms, scoring 18 successes! Guen decides to use his remaining dodge, getting 5 successes, which takes the attack down to 13 successes. Still not enough, Guen activates this charm again, trying to wrap up the dragon-blooded and crushing him. The counterattack only scores 6 successes, meaning the attack still hits as if it scored 7 successes (D = 13 - 6 = 7). After resolving the damage from the incoming attack, Guen still grabs on to the dragon-blooded, but on the next turn, the terrestrial will have 7 extra dice with which to escape.