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Art commissioned from Amber Harris

Lostwhite is a half-orc fighter in the Dissolution campaign, played by Wordman


Lostwhite tries hard to fully embrace the orcish part of her appearance, while masking the orcish part of her character. She is generally both civil and engaging, but can turn on the tough-guy warrior persona at will.


Extremely well groomed, Lostwhite tends to wear fashionable clothes (not easy, while carrying a large flail) and tasteful jewelry. Very tall, when not in armor she tries to show off her long legs and strong arms, but tends not to wear anything very revealing.



As an armorsmith, Lostwhite is a member of the Ironworker's Guild, which allows her access to forges and training. She is also a marginal member of the Order of Iron Might.

Recently, Lostwihite became a guildsman in the Delver's Guild, giving her access to guild information, library, maproom and waystations. She also gains a 10% discount at Ebbert's Outfitters.

Lostwhite make sacrifices to the Lady every week.



Future Development

Had Lostwhite continued as a Pathfinder character, she would have followed this progression:



  • Character sheet now part of the group file on the Dissolution page.