Juuken Plan

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Some possibilities for Juuken. These make use of the costs and training table, the Monsoon Needles and the Mark of Autochthon.

Water Dragon Style

There are five charms left in Water Dragon for you to learn. You need a trainer for each. Lacking a trainer, you can use the Mark and spend a point of permanent Source for each charm.

  • 8xp, 40 hours, Theft-of-Essence Method
  • 8xp, 40 hours, Ghost-Restraining Whirlpool Stance
  • 8xp, 40 hours, Bottomless Depths Defense
  • 8xp, 40 hours, Essence-Dousing Wave Attack
  • 8xp, 40 hours, Tsunami Force Shout

Experience change: -40xp

Mixing Styles

The two martial arts styles you know mix well, thanks to you knowing the final Celestial Monkey charm that lets you use that style with weapons and armor. This means that when you mix attack charms from the style, the restrictions of Water Dragon. This means basically that you need to use tiger claws for attacking when mixing styles together.


The Mark provides knowledge of a set of excellency charms. The solar versions allows buying extra dice for stuff. Juuken could do worse than learning Awareness Overwhelming and Martial Arts Overwhelming.

Perfect Defenses

One of the most impressive advantages of solars is their easy access to perfect defenses. Juuken doesn't have any. You need:

  • 8xp, 40 hours trained, Heavenly Guardian Defense


There are some combinations of your martial arts styles that might be of use. One might work like this (assuming you learned some of the charms):

  • Flow Reversal Strike (min MA 5, Ess 3, simple)
  • Rippling Water Strike (min MA 3, Ess 3, supplemental)
  • Theft-of-Essence Method (min MA 5, Ess 3, supplemental)
  • Four Halo Golden Monkey Palm (min MA 5, Ess 3, supplemental)
  • Martial Arts Overwhelming (min MA 1, Ess 1, supplemental)
  • Flowing Mirror of Opposition Technique (min MA 2, Ess 1, reflexive)
  • Dipping Swallow Defense (min Melee 2, Ess 1, reflexive)
  • Heavenly Guardian Defense (min Melee 4, Ess 2, reflexive)
  • Surprise Anticipation Method (min Awareness 3, Ess 2, reflexive)

This is a powerful attack combo. As it uses a simple charm, you cannot split your pool when using this combo. Activate the combo by spending 11m, 3wp, plus 1m per added MA die (min 1, max Dex + MA). The attack:

  • Is made at +3 difficulty.
  • Adds dice to the attack pool
  • Lets you see the virtue ratings of the target and attack one. If damage is done, the target takes additional automatic damage levels equal to the rating of the virtue attacks.
  • If the attack hits, make an Essence + Martial Arts roll, for each success, steal 3 motes from target, used to power Water Dragon charms.
  • After damage is determined, target rolls Stamina + Resistance against the orginal attack successes. On failure, mortals die. Exalts take an automatic level of unsoakable damage. They subtract two dice from all physical activity for Martial Arts turns.
  • If the target takes damage, everyone within 10 feet must soak 1B per health level inflicted.
  • Optionally spend 1m to negate the Accuracy and Speed bonuses of opponent's weapon.
  • Optionally spend 1m to add Essence to initiative.
  • Optionally spend 2m to add Dex + Melee die to a parry attempt (must parry with a weapon, such as tiger claws).
  • Optionally spend 3m, 1wp to perfectly parry an attack (must parry with a weapon, such as tiger claws).
  • Optionally spend 1m to avoid being surprised.

Another combo you might consider is one using the last three charms listed above. This is a good "anti-ambush" combo.