Identifying the Scent of Danger

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Cost: 3 motes
Duration: Scene
Type: Reflexive
Minimum Martial Arts: 3
Minimum Essence: 1
Style and Source: Wolf and Raven Style by Mapache & TonyC
Prerequisite Charms: A charm like Five-Fold Sensory Exercise, Sensory Acuity Prana or Sense-Sharpening Change

Scent of Danger attunes the character to the Essence flows of the beings around him, enabling him to sense their emotions and motivations. He can smell fear and hatred, and know who intends to do him harm. Even enemies who have concealed themselves, such as hidden assassins, can be picked out by the threat they emanate. Nonsentient objects, such as traps, can also be detected by the emotional residue left behind by their builders. This charm will not detect truly coincidental accidents that are about to befall the character, but attacks made to look like coincidences will be noted.

If this charm is already in use when a situation would trigger "surprise awareness charms" like Surprise Anticipation Method or Ominous Portent Method, then character receives a number of turns of warning equal to his Perception, instead of just one.

Although not strictly a true prerequisite, the training methods developed by the inventor of this charm depend upon the familiarity with increased perception provided by Five-Fold Sensory Exercise. A character wishing to learn this charm may substitute a similar charm, such as Sensory Acuity Prana or Sense-Sharpening Change.