Heaven Weeps Fire

From DivNull RPG

Cost at Creation: 4 freebie points
Experience Cost: 16 xp
Traiing Time, Favored w/ Teacher: 18 days
Traiing Time, Unfavored w/ Teacher: 23 days
Traiing Time, Favored, No Teacher: 54 days
Traiing Time, Unfavored, No Teacher: 66 days
Casting Cost: 8 motes + 2 willpower + 1 mote per attack + 1 mote per 2 damage + reflexives
Combined Charms: Arrow Storm Technique, Dazzling Flare Attack, Phantom Arrow Technique, Seven Shadow Evasion

A flurry of brilliant bolts of white light seem to explode from the archer's bow to devastate his enemies. When used at long range, the bolts seem to rain down from heaven itself.

As long as you hit with an archery attack, you make make another attack on a different target. Each attack conjures an arrow from nothingness and adds one die to the attack. You may also spend up to Essence motes to increase the damage of each attack by 2 per mote spent (you must spend at least one mote in this way for each attack). During the turn this combo is active, you may also spend 6m to perfectly dodge any attack(s).