Healing the Masses Approach

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Kind: Solar
Cost: 20 motes, 2 Willpower, 1 lethal health level
Duration: One day
Type: Simple
Min. Medicine: 6
Min. Essence: 6
Source: Sol Invictus
Prerequisite Charms: Throng-Curing Method
Summary: As Throng-Curing Method, but multiply the number of assistants by Essence.

A true master of Solar healing can draft a veritable army of doctors to help him in his compassionate mission, upon just a moment's notice. Using this technique, the solar can empower a number of subordinates equal to her (Medicine x Essence) to use her Medicine charms, as per Throng-Curing Method.


Knowledge of this charm can be gained from the following sources:

Wyr'palja's Stylebook