Gratitude-Kindling Feint

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Cost: 2 motes per die
Duration: Varies
Type: Supplemental
Min. Martial Arts: 2
Min. Essence: 2
Style and Source: Moth and Bonfire Style by Oneironaut
Prerequisite Charms: Stoking-the-Embers Meditation

Just as his blow connects with an enemy, the martial artist pulls it; having been shown such mercy, the target finds his subsequent attacks against the martial artist enfeebled by pangs of conscience. This charm is invoked after the attack it supplements is soaked; for each two motes committed to the charm, subtract one die from the resulting damage pool. This charm can reduce an attack's damage below ping. For each die so removed, raise the difficulty of the target's attacks on him by one. This difficulty modifier degrades by one every following turn, freeing two motes of the essence committed to the charm per reduction. Multiple applications of Gratitude-Kindling Feint are cumulative, but the total penalty may never exceed (the user's Charisma).

Though the duration of this charm is not instant, it may be added to a combo.