Furious Feline Frenzy Attack

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Cost: 6 motes, 1 willpower
Duration: Instant
Type: Extra Action
Min. Martial Arts: 5
Min. Essence: 4
Prereqs: Wary Leopard's Sight

Leopards avoid combat whenever possible, seeking to catch an opponent off-balance and flee. But when cornered or outnumbered a leopard can be a deadly and furious opponent. With this Charm, the character may internalize his Essence, becoming capable of lashing out at multiple opponents at once. Upon activating this Charm, the character may make one attack against every opponent within reach. It is up to the Storyteller to determine who is and is not within reach, but anyone who can be attacked by the character will be. The character utilizes his full dice pool for each attack, and is only limited by the number of possible targets. The player need not attack everyone within reach; he may decide to spare allies or certain opponents.