Erratic Threnody

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Once a fierce conquerer, Erratic Threnody has spent the past two centuries broken, defeated and past the point of caring. Two hundred years agao, with a vast arsenal of weapons and minions at his disposal, he rode the behemoth Diamaskratos into battle against Kinaniz, to claim the unshaped as his own. He was confident, competent and prepared, but in the early stages of the battle, Misplaced Promise, the primary guiding intelligence of Kinaniz, played to his Lure and tricked him into entering Bedlam. Suffering the Curse of Namelessness, the oaths which made him a formidable fighter were lost to him. A devastating counterattack followed, incumbering him and, still in Bedlam, forcing him to surrender all his graces to Misplaced Promise. Misplaced Promise immediately shattered his Ring grace, essentially eliminating any desire he might have to escape Bedlam.

Claiming Diamaskratos for himself, Misplaced Promise forced Erratic Threnody to maintain the behemoth, requiring him to use Assumption of the Person's Heart to join with the beast, forming a pulsing heart of glowing energy within its stained glass chest. Centuries later, there he remains, still locked in Bedlam and content to stay that way. What little will he has manifests as a desire for solitude, which Misplaced Promise granted to him by posting Diamaskratos as the sole guardian of the Hall of Glass, a waypoint controlled by Kinaniz. Over the centuries, Erratic Threnody has shown great anger when others intrude on his glass sanctuary, so Kinaniz typically arranges its waypoints such that all entering must first pass through the Hall of Glass, as an angered Diamaskratos is a savage guardian.

Erratic Threnody feeds on Conviction and Valor, usually gathering crumbs from the insane dreams of the statues in the Hall of Glass. Should he ever come out of Bedlam, his nature may revert to Visionary, obsessed with (and Lured by) conquering other raksha. His graces are both owned and possessed by Misplaced Promise, even the shattered pieces of his Ring.

Type Raksha (Imperial Raksha) Nature Follower
Appearance ●●●●●
Charisma ●●●●
Dexterity ●●●●●●
Intelligence ●●●●
Manipulation ●●●●
Perception ●●●●●●
Stamina ●●●●●●●
Strength ●●●●●●
Wits ●●●●●●
Artifact: ●●●●●
Birth: ●●●
Style: ●●●●
-0 _
-1 _ _
-2 _ _
-4 _
Inc _
Cup _ _
Ring _ _
Staff _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Sword _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Natural Soak 7B/3L/0A
Total Soak 7B/3L/0A
Cup Soak 11
Ring Soak 15
Staff Soak 14
Sword Soak 16
Athletics  ●●●●●●
Awareness  ●●●●
Brawl  ●●●●●●●
Dodge  ●●●●●●
Endurance  ●●●●●
Linguistics  ●●
Melee  ●●●●●●
Presence  ●●●●●●●
Resistance  ●●●
Ride  ●●●
Stealth  ●●●●●●●
Survival  ●●●●
Conviction ●●●●●
Temperance ●●
Valor ●●●●
Willpower ●●●●●●●●●
Essence ●●●
  Personal 30 (15)
Heart ●●●
Staff ●●●●●
Sword ●●●●
Assumption of Earth Shape
Assumption of the Person's Heart
World-Angering Elemental Mastery
Teeth of the World
Spectacular Insanity
Raging Vortex Form
Ill-Approving Eyes
Assertion of a Greater Vision
Writhing Ego Evasion
Ravishing the Created Form
Banquet of Crumbs
God-Humbling Victory Sword
Host-Summoning Glory of Command
Transient Work of Flesh and Bone
Scattering the Foe
All-Inclusive Nightmare Defense
Tension-Building Warrior's Advance
Fearsome Mien
Aegis of a Martial Destiny
Antagonist-Naming Technique
Thematic Stunting Methodology
World-Devouring Warlord Stance
Army-Supporting Behemoth Invocation
Avatar of War
Harmony of Fortune and Hate