Envoy of the Dragon

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Type: Small Yacht
Length: 35 feet
Beam: 12 feet
Draft: 6 feet
Rig Type: Imperial with foresail
Closest Tack: 2 points
Speed: ●●●
Maneuverability: -2
Standard Crew: 2
Minimum Crew: 1
Cabins: 4
Soak: 6L
Health Levels (Damage): 10
Health Levels (Destroy): 20

This small yacht is built of ivory and birchwood, with silver nails and white silk sails. Extremely luxurious, it contains four cabins, each large enough for two people, as well as a small galley.

The ship is enchanted against storms, lightning and sargassos. An exalted passenger of any type can cast the solar sail charm Storm-Weathering Essence Infusion (Exalted, pg. 211) on the ship while on board. In becalmed seas, passengers can commit a total of 10 motes of essense to move the ship without wind or sails (with a Speed of ●). In addition, passengers can commit 20 total motes to the ship to allow it to slowly self-repair. While this process will not be fast enough to shore up damage during combat, any damage will be repaired by the next dawn (assuming the ship lasts that long).

Once a week, the ship may be commanded to sail to Fakharu's spire. If this order is given, the ship will travel without need for sailors or steersman all night, sailing at whatever speed is necessary, however incredible. It will come to land at the spire at dawn on the next day.