Enroth Rules: Introduction

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This handbook is for all players to help them begin their adventure into Enroth

Background: You and your friends have grown up together in the village of Sweet Water on the western edge of the Kingdom of Enroth. Your village is a simple one of farming and fishing in the lake that gives your town it’s name.

The Succession Wars have left you greatly untouched and you are all relieved that King Roland and not Archibald is on the throne.

The wise old man of the town is man by the name of Falagar. He is a wise sage and knows a great many tales and the history of the world. It was he who prepared you for the Night of Shooting Stars.

Seeing that Sweet Water was about to be destroyed, he chose you few to come with him on a rock climbing expedition. At the top of the hill, you all saw the first of the shooting stars. Falagar said that these were an ill omen and that all the world will be changed by this event. He proceed to cast magic about the party. No one knowing what he did, everyone just stood in awe as the shooting stars began to land nearby!! Falagar was in the midst of casting another spell when a fiery piece of the heavens the size of a town came down and struck the top of a nearby mountain. The world went black.

You all woke up in beds in a small house. Smelling delicious food you ventured forth to see what was happening. Falagar was downstairs making food and smiled when you appear. He said that Sweet Water was no more and that the whole valley was destroyed. The sign of change had begun. He told you about the Devils for the first time. He explained how they come from other worlds, land, and conquer. It is only a matter of time before they conquer this world.

Falagar told everyone that he chose you because of your potential to make this a change for good. Knowing about what your likes and strengths were, he spent the next several years training you in your chosen professions.

Now a world away from your lost home, you have stumbled across evidence of a terrible conspiracy involving a new religious cult.

Five letters from King Roland to his wife Catherine, and a letter from the King of the Devils to a wicked traitor named Sulman, have turned up in an abandoned Goblin camp.

Your fate seems to be inextricably bound to these letters and that awful night, and your role in these events to come may be larger than anyone could imagine.

The tools you have a but a small sum of gold, your wits, and a lot of potential. The roads ahead are infinite – and the choices are all yours to make.

Good Luck!