Earthwalking Shell

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This unique suit of white jade and adamant articulated plate is a variation of the more common Armor of Elemental Inurement [wola.83]. It is the result of experiments done during the First Age to improve on the more common design. While the armor is a bit more functional than the original, it also requires a lot more energy, needing a rating 2 earth hearthstone to power it. The armor has a socket for this stone, but no others. While this stone powers the armor, it provides no benefit to the owner. Skin tight and sealed, the armor can be used equally by any type of exalt, though it offers no material bonuses from jade, regardless of how it is attuned.

The armor contains the following special features:

  • Sensory Augmentation Visor: +2 bonus to Awareness; negates all penalties from darkness less than pitch black.
  • Breathing Apparatus: Provides unlimited fresh air for the wearer for as long as the armor is donned, plus complete protection against smoke and more dangerous airborne toxins.
  • Earthphase Generator: By committing an additional 5 motes to the suit as a unrolled miscellaneous action, the wearer may force harmonic attunement between her body and the earth. In this state, she is selectively immaterial to soil, rock, sand, metal and other non-magical permutations of earthen matter. Defensively, she can allow metal weapons to pass harmlessly through her, though magical material weapons remain quite solid and dangerous. More importantly, she can walk through solid stone as easily as air, though she cannot perceive where he is going if she is completely immersed. The effects of this power may be shared with one additional being of equal or lesser size so long as physical contact is maintained and the subject is willing.
  • Subluminous Enclosure: The armor provides an unusual mechanism by which it can be donned and removed. By reflexively spending three motes, the wearer can make all of the plates of the armor detach, briefly hover about a foot away from her body, then become insubstantial and invisible, balancing between Creation and Elsewhere. All that remains on the wearer is an amulet holding the hearthstone that powers the armor. In this state, the armor is considered unworn, providing no protection, and its other functions do not operate; however, it does add three to the difficulty of Perception tests made on the wearer with Essence sight. This process can be reflexively undone by spending three more motes to put the armor back on.
  • Hardened Extremities: While worn, the gauntlets and boots of the armor may make and parry lethal attacks (Punch: +3 Speed, +1 Accuracy, +3L Damage, +1 Defense; Kick: +0 Speed, +0 Accuracy, +5L Damage, +0 Defense). These weapons provide no magical material bonuses, but are otherwise treated as white jade weapons.


Only one suit of this armor is known to exist, currently worn by the White Queen.

Game Information

Summary: Armor that lets you walk through solid rock.
Rating: ●●●●
Commitment: 8, rating 2 earth hearthstone",rating2earthhearthstone" can not be assigned to a declared number type with value 8.
Materials: jade
Soak: 13B/11L
Mobility: -2
Fatigue: 1