Crippling Firefly Infestation

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Cost at Creation: 3 freebie points
Experience Cost: 11 xp
Training Time, Favored w/ Teacher: 14 days
Training Time, Unfavored w/ Teacher: 20 days
Training Time, Favored, No Teacher: 42 days
Training Time, Unfavored, No Teacher: 60 days
Casting Cost: 12 motes + 1 willpower
Combined Charms: Cascade of Cutting Terror, Fiery Solar Chakram, Joint-Wounding Attack

The exalt's fist glows with a bright white light, with contrails of white fire trailing a grand sweep of her arm that sends hundreds of thrumming hornets of incandescent fire swarming towards the target. If they hit, they burrow into the skin, throbbing with a dull glow until the effect wears off and they vanish.

Hurl a swarm of burning lights at a single target with double thrown pool, doing 6L damage. This attack may not be dodged. Each health level inflicted gives an additional -1 dice penalty to the target for physical actions for the rest of the scene (though this does not affect automatons or undead). Against creatures of darkness, add Essence automatic successes to attack. Base range is 100 yards.