Center of Attention Stance

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Kind: Solar
Cost: 6 motes
Duration: Instant
Type: Simple
Min. Presence: 5
Min. Essence: 2
Source: Sol Invictus
Prerequisite Charms: Unearthly Countenance
Summary: On making a first impression, all focus on you and you gain Charisma dice to Presence tests to make a first impression.

When the solar enters the room, all eyes turn to meet him. With this charm, the exalt can guarantee that her entrance will be noted by everyone present. Regardless of other goings on, any onlookers will be drawn to the solar, and will find themselves unable to pay attention to anything else until she has completed her entrance. This grants the solar bonus dice equal to her Charisma on any Presence roll to make a first impression. This charm may also be used to guarantee the solar a platform to speak or perform in a crowded room — those who are stunned by her entrance will tend to pay attention to her as she begins to speak, even if they were previously engrossed by something else.


Knowledge of this charm can be gained from the following sources:

Wyr'palja's Stylebook