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Cassiadora CR 17

Female Bronze Dragon, Very old

LG Gargantuan Dragon (Water)

Init +3, Senses Perception +41; Blindsense (60ft), darkvision (120ft), keen senses

Aura electricity aura, frightful presence (240 ft., DC 27)

AC 34, touch 5, flat-footed 34 (-1 Dex, -4 size, +29 natural)

hp 284 (22d12+132 HD); DR 15/magic

Immune electricity, sleep, paralysis; SR 28

Fort +22, Ref +15, Will +22

Spd 40ft, fly 250ft (clumsy), swim 60ft

Melee Bite +33 (4d6+16), 2 claws +33 (2d8+11/19-20), 2 wings +33 (2d6+5), tail slap +33 (2d8+16)

Space 20 ft.;Reach 15 ft. (20ft with bite)

Special Actions Breath weapon (60ft cone of repulsion gas or 120ft line of lightning 18d6, DC 27), crush +33 (4d6+16, DC 27), tail sweep +33 (2d6+16, DC 27)

Spell-Like Abilities (CL 22)

At willcreate food and water, detect thoughts, fog cloud, speak with animals

Spells Known (CL Sorcerer 13, can cast cleric, Animal, Law and Water spells as arcane): (0:8, 1:8, 2:7, 3:7, 4:7, 5:7, 6:5)

Cantripsarcane mark, acid splash, dancing lights, detect magic, know direction, mage hand, mending, message, read magic

1stalarm, charm person, comprehend languages, identify, magic missile

2ndcalm emotion, flaming sphere, misdirection, see invisibility, web

3rddispell magic, fireball, magic circle against chaos, protection from energy

4thcontrol water, detect scrying, dimension door, sending

5thbreak enchantment, Leomund's secret chest, Mordenkainen's private sanctum

6thantimagic field, heal

Domains Animal, Law and Water


Str 33 (+11), Dex 8 (-1), Con 23 (+6), Int 22 (+6), Wis 23 (+6), Cha 22 (+6)

Base Atk +22, CMB +37, CMD 46

SQ 3/day—change shape; at will—water breathing, wave mastery

Feats Alterness, Empower Spell, Flyby Attack, Hover, Improved Critical (claw), Improved Initiative, Power Attack, Reach Spell, Snatch, Vital Strike

Skills Diplomacy +32, Fly +32, Handle Animal +19, Intimidate +32, Knowledge (arcana) +32, Knowledge (history) +32, Knowledge (religion) +32, Perception +36, Sense Motive +36, Spellcraft +32, Stealth +14, Swim +45, Use Magic Device +14


Environment Temperate hills

Organization Solitary

Treasure See hoard

Real World History

Playing around with dragon concepts.



Loves highly detailed, intricate artwork, particularly jewelry, especially if it is enchanted. She has no talent for such work herself, so is somewhat in awe of artisans who can produce it.

Not a fan of the Church of Lothlian


Cassiadora is a member of House Dallimothan, though not by blood. Several hundred years ago, she married a human (who had himself married into the house), now long dead. Though she is older than Lord Kirstol Dallimothan, the house's current leader, Cassiadora is uninterested in leading the house, and lack of true Dallimothan make her unfit for the job in the eyes of many members. She shares good relations with most of the house members, but interacts with them rarely. She has a special human "identity" for use at House functions (and, indeed, in public in Ptolus) known as Sacrosadia Dallimothan.

She also belongs to the Inverted Pyramid as an adept. Though she applied in human form, her dragon nature has been discovered by many in the group, so she is not entirely trusted. She is tolerated, however, as she has contributed more tomes to the group's library than any other living member. Visits to the Inverted Pyramid usually are made in order to visit the library; however, she also has a hand in the Dreaming Apothecary, often contributing raw materials or spellcasting in exchange for some of the profit.

Using different human forms, Cassiadora has joined a number of organizations, usually to gain access to research or or other assets. Typically, she keeps a low profile in these organizations and is a marginal member of most of them:

  • Banker's Guild
  • Delver's Guild (Guildsman)
  • Ironworker's Guild
  • Jewler's Guild
  • Sage's Guild

Through unofficial, hidden channels, Cassiadora supports the following organizations financially:

  • Brotherhood of Redemption
  • The Malkuth
  • The Temple of Locharit
  • The Temple of Gaen
  • The Temple of Tardeshou


Cassiadora's hoard is stored mostly in her lair but, when traveling, the more useful bits are kept using secret chest, along with spending money. The chest contains:

  • horn of the tritons
  • iron bands of binding
  • ring of mind shielding
  • ring of spell storing
  • rod of metal and mineral detection
  • staff of transmutation (charges 28)
  • gold music box (2,000gp)
  • box with padded compartments
    • fiery yellow corundum (3,000gp)
    • rich purple corundum (4,000gp)
    • brown diamond (5,000gp)
    • fire opal (6,000gp)
    • star ruby (8,000gp)
    • jeweled electrum ring (6,000gp)
  • coffer
    • rock crystal (clear quartz) (40gp)
    • rose quartz (50gp)
    • smoky quartz (50gp)
    • moonstone (60gp)
    • sardonyx (60gp)
    • iolite (70gp)
    • deep green spinel (90gp)
    • jet (120gp)
    • 110pp
    • 150gp
    • 20sp

The rest of the horde contains:

  • medium mithral heavy shield
  • artwork
    • ivory statuette (20gp)
    • silver ewer (80gp)
    • finely wrought small gold bracelet (80gp)
    • carved bone statuette (90gp)
    • silver comb with moonstones (100gp)
    • silver-plated steel longsword with jet jewel in hilt (100gp)
    • silver chalice with lapis lazuli gems (140gp)
    • carved harp of exotic wood with ivory inlay and zircon gems (300gp)
    • silver comb with moonstones (300gp)
    • ceremonial electrum dagger with a star ruby in the pommel (300gp)
    • brass mug with jade inlays (400gp)
    • carved harp of exotic wood with ivory inlay and zircon gems (600gp)
    • solid gold idol (10 lb.) (700gp)
    • gold dragon comb with red garnet eye (900gp)
    • ornate silver candelabra (2 x 950gp)
    • gold and topaz bottle stopper cork (1,100gp)
    • eyepatch with mock eye of sapphire and moonstone (1,500gp)
    • fire opal pendant on a fine gold chain (1,800gp)
    • jeweled anklet (3,000gp)
    • string of perls (3,500gp)
    • jeweled gold crown (4,000gp)
  • gems†
    • red garnet (130gp)
    • chrysoberyl (140gp)
    • red spinel (150gp)
    • white pearl (3 x 120gp)
    • silver perl (200gp)
    • deep blue spinel (300gp)
    • alexandrite (500gp)
    • black pearl (4 x 500gp)
    • golden yellow topaz (600gp)
    • aquamarine (700gp)
    • violet garnet (800gp)
    • aquamarine (800gp)
    • alexandrite (3 x 1000gp)
    • alexandrite (1500gp)
  • 104pp, 6,170gp, 1,410sp†

†All stolen by Scoffney

On her person, she keeps the following:

  • thoughtstone