And Thus I Fought The Five Dragons To A Standstill

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Cost at Creation: 12 freebie points
Experience Cost: 39 xp
Traiing Time, Favored w/ Teacher: 42 days
Traiing Time, Unfavored w/ Teacher: 59 days
Traiing Time, Favored, No Teacher: 126 days
Traiing Time, Unfavored, No Teacher: 177 days
Casting Cost: 1 per die + 1 willpower + reflexives
Combined Charms: Surprise Anticipation Method, Thunderclap Rush Attack, Excellent Strike, Heavenly Guardian Defense, Seven Shadow Evasion, Leaping Dodge Method, Iron Skin Concentration, Life Severing Blow, Death Parrying Stroke, Essence Gathering Temper, Willpower-Enhancing Spirit, Solar Counterattack

From the Exalted Wiki, by TonyC

A combo that must used with a melee attack (because Excellent Strike is supplemental), that gives a host of reflexive options to use in the same turn (which must be paid for individually).