Ability Rituals

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In addition to the vast litany of Occult-based rituals, mortals have invented a number of superstitions and rituals to help them. Some of them even work.

Ritual of Meditation

Ability: Any
Time: 10 hours
Cost: None
Rating: 1 through 5
Effect: By spending 10 hours in meditation on the ability associated with the ritual, the character prepares the mind for using the ritual in the future. This usually requires quiet time alone, still, and uninterrupted. Once completed, the ritual provides a temporary pool of dice equal to the rating of the ritual that can be used for up to the ritual's rating in days. Whenever the character makes a test using the associated ability over that period, they may use one dice from this pool to augment the test if desired. Only one die may be used on any given test and once dice from the pool are used, they are gone and may not be used again. Dice from this pool do not count against pool limits, but nor do they count when doubling pools with charms. If the pool is partially or totally depleted, it may be restored by using the ritual again, but at no time will the number of dice in this pool exceed the ritual rating.

Ritual of Training

Ability: Any
Time: Special
Cost: None
Rating: 1 through 5
Effect: Each ability has certain standing training rituals that aid in practicing the ability. These differ for each ability, but always have the effect of speeding the training. Training rituals may be used as part of a training in their associated ability, and decrease the time needed for the training by their rating in days.


Rituals: Something like aim, but a zen-like penalty thing.


Rituals: Stretching?


Rituals: Zen


Rituals: luck. gambling


Rituals: Written stuff?


Rituals: healing


Rituals: tuning to animal?


Rituals: sweat lodge poison resistance, etc.


Rituals:various sailing superstitions, burial at sea?