Ability Overwhelming

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Exalted Type: Solar
Cost: 1m per die
Duration: Instant
Type: Supplemental
Minimum Ability: 1
Minimum Essence: 1
Prerequisite Charms: none

This is a set of 25 different charms, one for each ability. The charm for each ability must be learned separately. When activated for any test requiring a dice pool containing that ability, a solar can purchase extra dice for the roll at a rate of one mote per die.

As a general rule, any combination of charms can provide solar characters with no more than Attribute + Ability additional dice for a given roll. Dice from other sources (weapon Accuracy, virtue channeling, etc. do not count against this limit).

Note that some solar charm trees have charms like this in them already (e.g. Excellent Strike for the Melee ability), but most do not. In cases where such charms already exist, this charm is considered to be synonymous.