Aachen Navarre

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As a Senator, "Navarre the black" demands law and order. He made Goodlen a trading power again by building a port and has been the driving force behind a number of mining laws. He has almost singlehandedly made the tri-city area a trade force again, and does not suffer "those lawless peasants" of Asturia to the east to live their backward superstitious lives. He strives for the elimination of Asturian autonomy, the extermination of pirates and closer trade with Lassadinya.

A stern, older man, Aachen is quiet, but doesn't miss much. Like his family that largely still favors aristocracy, he is somewhat old-fashioned. In spite of this, Aachen has been seen with prostitutes, offers private council to Nyissans in private councils and has sired illegitimate Nyissan children. The Navarre family hails from near Gloodlen, Simsburg, and can be recognized by their black and gold standard.