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What is this?

Exalted® uses a number of unique writing systems, the rules of which were finally detailed in pages 262-271 of the Player’s Guide (ebook). The code on this page translates English into High Realm Script, following the rules on page 263. The code on this page also adds a few additional rules and variations:

  • If a consonant that has no vowel is seen at the start of the line, it is given an “a” vowel (since there is no preceding vowel on which to base the sound). This doesn’t happen very often.
  • This code doesn’t even try to figure out if a “c” sound is hard or soft. It always assumes hard, translating it to a “k”.
  • The “j” is translated to a “g”.
  • The “q” is translated to a “k”.
  • The “v” is translated to a “f”.
  • The “z” is translated to a “x”.

How can I get better results?

Usually, questionable results come around when dealing with words that have a lot of consonants in a row. The Exalted script system is pretty bad at translating English sound combinations like “sch”, “tch”, “wh”, “wr”, and so on. Usually, you can get around this by entering the text phonetically. For example, this script will translate “school” into “sa-cho-o-lo”, which isn’t great. If you enter “skool”, you get “sa-ko-o-lo”. Even better would be “skul”, which would be “sa-ku-lu”. As it states in the Exalted rules, there tends to be many ways to write the same words and words are bent in ways that are “not generally very dainty”.

Why doesn’t this work for me?

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  • Firefox 0.9 (Linux, Mac OS X)
  • Internet Explorer 6.x (Win32)
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