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Forgotten Suns is a 68 page, illustrated adventure for the Exalted® gaming system (first edition). Intended for both beginning characters and starting players, Forgotten Suns begins by introducing aspects of the game over the first few encounters, then dives into a heroic journey culminating with a showdown with evil.
Of course, Forgotten Suns provides a setting rich enough to be incorporated into existing campaigns as well. Using the Encounter Pages concept, Forgotten Suns is designed to allow storytellers to easily rip out sections, replace others, move them around and generally customize the adventure as desired or pull just the sections they find useful for inclusion in another adventure.
Forgotten Suns includes the following:
  • 25 unique, connected encounters
  • Detailed maps of a unique manse
  • Six new artifacts
  • Four new hearthstones
  • Two new creatures
  • 15 detailed NPCs
Feedback regarding Forgotten Suns is most appriciated and may be directed to exalted at divnull dot com. Walkthroughs of how the adventure went when you ran it or how you put sections of it to use are particularly prized.
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